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signature – manually signing bitcoin transaction

I am making an attempt to create a BTC transaction with one enter and two outputs, one for change and one OP_RETURN to anchor information. And I am doing all of that on my regtest backend. The uncooked unsigned transaction is


I can then use the bitcoin rpc to signal it and it really works, so I am fairly sure that this half is right. Once I nonetheless attempt to signal it manually I get the error

500: {"outcome":null,"error":{"code":-26,"message":"16: mandatory-script-verify-flag-failed (Non-canonical DER signature)"},"id":2}

I’ve adopted the steps outlined in Find out how to redeem a fundamental Tx? in addition to Signing a uncooked transaction with Python ECDSA (or OpenSSL) in addition to tried to make use of pybitcointools to signal the enter with out success.

The tackle and personal key I take advantage of are

addr: "mmEXEzUGcMmmiLsfxxM8gB8TQSTkuR1drf"
pk:  "cTyF9pebH3kwwzUt5gzaxSDQ1DbqYfx4P1i4d1TyjtSDEeUFgYsk"

and stragely, regardless that the PK is the one given to me by ./bitcoin-cli -regtest dumpprivkey <addr> doesn’t appear to match the tackle and I am undecided why or what it’s I have to do to it (it is in WIF format and compressed, i.e. 0x01 appended to the tip

The unique TX consists of the scriptPubKey of the utxo. I then double sha256 the entire uncooked tx (proven above) and change the scriptPubKey half with the sigScript | pubkey utilizing the next code:

private_key, compressed_pk = wif_to_private_key(private_key_wif)
tx = bytearray.fromhex(raw_unsigned_transaction) + int(1).to_bytes(4, 'little')

double_sha256_tx = hashlib.sha256(hashlib.sha256(tx).digest()).digest()
signing_key = ecdsa.SigningKey.from_string(bytearray.fromhex(private_key), curve=ecdsa.SECP256k1)
public_key = bytearray.fromhex(privtopub(private_key_wif))
signature = signing_key.sign_digest(double_sha256_tx, sigencode=ecdsa.util.sigencode_der) + int(1).to_bytes(1, 'little')
scriptSig = to_varstr(signature) + to_varstr(public_key)

to_varstr merely prints [len]|[data] and privtopub is the operate from pybitcointools as I could not work out tips on how to go from the compressed non-public key to the tackle manually. It is price noting although that the public_key right here that privtoaddr from pybitcointools doesn’t return the proper tackle both which is likely to be the basis reason for the difficulty?

I might be pleased about any pointers or issues to strive


one other attention-grabbing side is that the signed transaction I generate is lots longer than the one generated by the signtransaction rpc name:

rpc:    01000000018be9d0e99e74d69d915e105db1328707f713d42a894909b18a78fe68e1d8290c0000000023210340165231215a98e7a32abce9d410ecd09ac505938b25f9451defa051d591ebf8acffffffff0218ee052a010000001976a9143eb52fb0be4be87edc74848b371547f663e26c7e88ac0000000000000000226a40ac4f0818b683eeeaa1fbf2f508af2fc22cc814e69025152c70d7c414ebbfc30a00000000
handbook: 01000000018be9d0e99e74d69d915e105db1328707f713d42a894909b18a78fe68e1d8290c000000006b483045022100d6e538aa819f3162d5c6a0e4d9ee0323395df89e943c769d96ae939baec5c6920220083a311cb35df3c98d7a6bd0bc80d98a71fbdf8e325ba908ea4b721a4eac8bb301210343395a6e84c7f2b1d50c11f96783664a6f04d66b51befb3befcc57334e2a9abcffffffff0218ee052a010000001976a9143eb52fb0be4be87edc74848b371547f663e26c7e88ac0000000000000000226a40ac4f0818b683eeeaa1fbf2f508af2fc22cc814e69025152c70d7c414ebbfc30a00000000



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